Beyond the Smoke by Stacy Lynn Miller

Beyond the Smoke

Beyond the Smoke (A Manhattan Sloane Thriller #3) by Stacy Lynn Miller
English | 2021 |Mystery/Thriller FF| ePUB | 7.7 MB

A late bloomer, Stacy Lynn Miller took up writing after retiring from the Air Force. Her twenty years of toting a gun and police badge, tinkering with computers, and sleuthing for clues as an investigator form the foundation beneath her Manhattan Sloane romantic crime thriller series.

Old flames. New secrets. Delayed justice.

Now private investigators, Manhattan Sloane and Finn Harper have just landed their very first big job—a contract to clean up a hefty load of unsolved crimes in San Francisco. On day one, the two women step into a political quagmire that pits them against powerful competing forces in the city.

Feeling like a pawn in a high-stakes chess game, Sloane stumbles across an unsolved murder with ties to her past—the police officer who rescued her from her parents’ deadly accident. When evidence points to someone close to her, she becomes determined to solve the twenty-two-year-old murder. But her progress is slowed by old flames and new secrets that threaten to unravel her new life with Finn and her daughter Reagan.

Will cutthroat politics prevent her from getting justice for her hero? Will Sloane finally get her happily ever after?

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