Beyond Tomorrow by Leigh Vernon

Beyond Tomorrow

Beyond Tomorrow by Leigh Vernon (Justin Lakes Supernatural Thriller Series Book 1)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 3.0 MB

The path to one man’s destiny will wend its way through darkness.
In the aftermath of a civil war that ravaged America, West Michigan begins to rebuild, integrating the Powered to ensure that justice, at last, may prevail. Little does anyone know that mayor Sam Curry isn’t the war hero that he seems. With a scroll by his side, he aims to rule all, by bringing back a wicked beast that even the old gods fear.
Justin Lakes never dreamt he would big a part of something so big, and like the rest of the Powered, he’s honored to serve beside the woman who showed him his true calling. But fate has rather different plans. With Angie dead and someone else’s soul inside him, Justin is tasked to save the fledging world from evil forces.
A race against time now lies ahead, and staying alive will take great wits, as agents of darkness impend from all sides, rejoicing in destruction.
Will Justin find the fortitude to be a light for those in need? Humanity has but one hope to sidestep certain ruin..

‘This city stands because of the enormous amount of effort you all have put in. It stands because of everyone here today, every single person who dedicated themselves to ensuring that humanity remains in the same light as it should be. And although there are those amongst us who felt the effect of what happened more than others, we will continue to grow together in strength. Together, we will defeat any enemy that comes our way!’

A thundering applause accompanied the speech as soon as it ended.  From where she was standing, behind the Mayor, Gianna scoffed. The only thing humans enjoyed more than money and pleasure was listening to their own voices, and she had learnt to study them keenly when they did so. It was moments like that when they were most vulnerable. She knew this too well, having served humans for over three hundred years of her life. She had waited and lurked within the shadows, expectant that the promised one would come one day. She had endured as humans transformed into something more than they ordinarily were. Each age, each dynasty, she had played important roles; helping kingdoms to rise and fall, until it had all come to this. This time when humans and the powered could now live together without fear and prejudice. She had seen men bend their own rules and allow the powered to guide them. And just as was prophesized, she had lived long enough to see humans trust their lives into the hands of her kind. She had believed then, that the prophecy was real, and when the Mayor invited her to his private bedroom that cold night, transforming into something she couldn’t explain, she had known her wait was over.

‘Look at the way he preens himself,’ the man beside her muttered.

She ignored him and continued to watch. The talking was over – it was time for men to get drunk and say things they may live to regret all their lives. She sighed and moved towards the Mayor. He nodded as she whispered softly into his ears.

‘Forgive me, gentlemen, but it seems I have a few things to attend to at the moment,’ the Mayor said to the group of men beside him.

‘Nonsense!’ The Governor answered. ‘You saw how people and the powered alike talked about your heroics during the civil war. You should stay here and enjoy the moment with us.’

The Mayor smiled wryly and nodded. He hated the Governor, but there was nothing he could do about that. He looked back at Gianna, who looked the other way.

‘Be patient. It won’t be long now.’

‘Every moment we wait, the time grows shorter. We need to bring him back while there’s still enough time.’

‘You don’t believe me, do you? You doubt my loyalty.’

‘I only know as much as anyone else. Time is running out and you’re here playing politics.’

‘What would you have me do? Stab a knife through his heart?’

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