Binary Glitch by Jack Crosby

Binary Glitch

Binary Glitch by Jack Crosby (Blackest Night Book 2)
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 2.7 MB

Hi, I’m Jack. I’m a traveling freelance IT guy who uses writing as an escape. I like writing crazy crap that’ll make you laugh and give you a thrill, and quite possible ask yourself why you kept reading.

Ashe Wilde doesn’t have a great life. Besides being a homeless dropout without enough money to buy a decent burrito, he is one of the greatest gamers in the world. And he’s about to get up close and personal to the current rage, The Electric Mile – billed as the hardest game ever coded.

For Ash, thanks to a binary glitch one evening while he’s playing, he’s about to discover there’s a lot more going on in the game than what meets the eye. Faced with an easy choice any red blooded gamer would take, Ash is about to embark on one of the greatest adventures ever told.

Or he is about to get in over his head with a bunch of busty beauties and get killed along the way.

Either way, it’s going to be good.

Adaptive Live Intelligence – right now I didn’t think I could be more turned on by an artificial intelligence if I tried. There was something so sexy about the way she handled the Avenger Nine, bobbing and weaving in and out of traffic. There were a few times I was pretty sure she was going to run someone over only to narrowly avoid them at the last possible second.

Behind us, Draxler was staying on point. Our little race also attracted the attention of most of the people nearby, too. “How much further until we’re safe?”

Ali looked behind us and cursed softly. “Vector, you’re not going to like this.”

Before I could find out what it was that I wouldn’t like, she popped a wheelie and bounced on the sidewalk. I remember shouting fuck a lot as we crashed into a glass store front and actually drove through the building. She crashed us out the back and on to a side alley. A quick turn again and we were on a road that led out of the city.

I was breathing hard. Ali slowed the bike down, seeing as how we were in the clear. “I do apologize. It was critical though we get you far from Spark City for the time being. Seeing as how you’re currently level one, you’d be no match for Draxler in the race.”

I had an assigned level? “Wow, I feel like such a noob.”

“Don’t feel bad. You’re the very first player who has crossed over to us here.”

The boatload of questions that had been building before the high speed exit came flooding back in. “Just how in the hell did a player get dragged into a game?”

She pointed up to the one star in the sky. “That is the Alpha Star, the one glitch in this virtual reality that the makers forgot to clean up. Through the Alpha Star, if certain conditions can be met, a single player could be brought in to save this world.”

“Couldn’t this world be saved just by beating it from the outside?”

She snapped her fingers. “And there’s the hitch. The only way to beat the game and free us from Zeus Industries is to become one with the game and beat it from within.”

Genius, absolutely fucking genius. “So the game truly is unbeatable…” I didn’t know whether to be excited or terrified. “So of all the players who own this game, you picked me?”

“Our plight needed someone who cared more about the game than anything else.” There was an odd twinkle in her eye. “Plus, I know how much you thought about me, in certain ways.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa – just how in the hell did you know that?”

“The controllers gamers use connect their subconscious to the worlds they are playing in. I just happen to be the one in this game who listens to those thoughts.”

Everything I thought I knew about video gaming was being blown up in front of me. Not only were the worlds inside the games very real, but us as gamers were connected to them. Was there any place to get a virtual beer around here? I was going to need it.

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