by Ann Massey by Ann Massey (Biocide #2)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 2.4 MB

The intense relationship that Mo and Beth developed when hiding a missing bio-weapon and on the run from a treacherous arms dealer has faded into the past. They lost contact years ago and are now poles apart. Mo, a decorated fighter pilot is seconded to the US Secret Service’s terrorist surveillance unit while Beth, back in Perth after several years of humanitarian work in Africa, is a teacher and a passionate activist, the author of a controversial blog under a pen name and flagged as a potential terrorist.

The G20 Summit kicks off in three weeks’ time and the eyes of the CIA are on Perth and on the blogger. When she googles bomb-making instructions, Mo is sent to track her down and spirit her away to Guantanamo Bay security camp. The clock is ticking. Global catastrophe is on the cards if the leaders of twenty nations are killed I a terrorist attack. Can Mo stop the blogger and her conspirators from plunging the world into chaos?

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