Black Wood by Derek Flynn

Black Wood

Black Wood by Derek Flynn
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 291 Kb

Black Wood: From the author of the acclaimed novels BROKEN FALLS and THE DEAD GIRLS comes his new standalone thriller that twists and turns to its shocking finale!

“How far would you go to get out?”

This is the question three unlikely friends living in a dead-end town in America ask each other. The answer would come to haunt them.

The narrator is a writer in his late 30s, living alone in New York, eking out a living as a college lecturer. Samantha Pierce, a woman he hasn’t seen in twenty years, re-enters his life and tells him that she is being blackmailed – because of something they did twenty years before in the Black Wood.

A cat and mouse game ensues as they try to find out the identity of their blackmailer, while the narrator recalls the events of the summer they graduated High School that led to the fateful night in the Black Wood. How he – an average student – wound up at the centre of an unlikely and dangerous relationship between Samantha – the High School prom queen – and Charlie Rhodes – the High School dropout; first as an observer and then, as something much more. And how, one night, in the mysterious Black Wood, their question was answered, when they did something that would change their lives forever.

The Black Wood – the deeper you go, the darker your intent.

“I found out about it through a phone call. It was mid-morning, and I was – as usual – at my desk in the study, struggling to wrest my thoughts down onto the page in some coherent form. I didn’t answer; I get very few people calling, and when I do, it’s usually telemarketers. There’s nothing worse for the creative process then having to tell some spotty nineteen-year-old in a call centre in Alaska that you have no interest in a cruise to the Bahamas, even if it does come at a shockingly cheap (and therefore, suspect) price.

This one was persistent, however, and the phone rang again. I ignored it a total of five times until, finally – my blood simmering – I picked it up, fully intending on telling them where to stick their cruise.

“Hello?” I said, adopting my sternest voice.

“Hello …” It was a woman. She didn’t sound very spotty. There was a pause, and before she could start her spiel, I interrupted.

“I don’t know where you got my name and number from but …”

“I called directories.”


“To get your name. I wasn’t sure if you were still living there, but I took a chance.” The voice was becoming more familiar.

“Who is this?” I said, but the answer was already forming in my mind.”

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