Blame by Scarlett Haven


Blame by Scarlett Haven (The Zara Chronicles, #8)
English | 2019 | Young adult | ePUB | 223 Kb

Blame: Welcome to New York.
I thought it was over in Seoul, but it feels like it’s just beginning.
Things are changing.
The person who is after me has stepped up their game, but they don’t realize just how far the guys are willing to go to protect me.
My relationship with the guys is getting stronger, and now they tell me that they don’t want me to choose. It’s unconventional, but I’ve always thought normal was boring anyway.

“I grin as I stalk closer to him. For a second, he actually looks afraid. He turns to try and run, but he can barely walk from when I kicked him in the balls. I did kick him hard. He deserved it.

I jump on the guy, bringing him to the ground. I’m careful not to land on my broken arm, though it doesn’t hurt that much anymore. I still have to keep this stupid cast on for a while longer.

“HELP!” The guy starts yelling.

I laugh even harder. This guy is insane. He came to rob me and now he is the one yelling for help. I feel like this is some kind of weird oxymoron.

I pull the guys hands behind his back and hold him there. He tries to fight against me. Maybe he would win if I didn’t know how to hold him down. He can barely even move. Still, he calls for help.

My guys come running out. They are all smiling, clearly impressed with me.

Behind them, I see a few NYPD officers.

“Help me!” The guys yells again, when he sees the officers. “This girl attacked me! She beat me up!”

Of course, the officers know we were helping. It’s what Spy School does. We help the police. We help the FBI. We help the CIA. We help any country that needs help. I mean, I’m sure the NYPD could’ve figured this one out without us, but I needed the practice and we were bored, anyway. So, now there is one less creep on the streets.”

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