Bleu Pops & Razzlebaums by Stephanie Ayers

Bleu Pops & Razzlebaums

Bleu Pops & Razzlebaums by Stephanie Ayers (Soda Shop Series books from Crazy Ink)
English | 2021 |Romance| ePUB | 2.9 MB

Carmen Bleu and Hester Razzlebaum have been best friends since preschool. When tragedy strikes the Bleu Pop Shop, Hester invites Carmen to set up her soda shop in a small corner of Razzlebaums, a wildly popular 1950’s style diner. Trouble follows Carmen, though, and before long Hester finds her own business in jeopardy. Through Hester’s uncanny ability to speak with the dead, she discovers that there’s something more than carbonic acid and high fructose corn syrup behind Carmen’s signature BleuRazz soda pop.
Hester must figure out Carmen’s secret before Razzlebaums fizzles out, and they both end up bankrupt, maybe even dead…or worse.

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