Blockade by Chris Hechtl


Blockade by Chris Hechtl (The Federation Reborn Book 7)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 1.5 Mb

Blockade : Since Fleet Admiral Irons woke from stasis he has been focused on rebuilding and restoring the Federation.
He has fought internal politics as well as assassins and strife within his own reborn navy. But above it all 1 force has stood in the way of restoring peace and civilization to the galaxy, the pirate empire of Horath.
For years the navy has fought a see-saw battle across multiple star systems. They have gotten the upperhand and have steadily pushed the pirates back to their home star system.
But, the pirates aren’t willing to surrender tamely. They have thousands of ships and millions of tons of battle fortresses waiting in Horath, all set to turn it into a cauldron of death and destruction.
Admiral Irons only recourse is a…

“The second attempt at cloning Ssilli larva was met with mixed results as were the clones of the Malekians. The researchers were not about to give up however.

Horath saw new fighters enter production as well as some work on logistics. The Lizzy Borden returned to Dead Drop to find her captain the senior officer. Two days later the Admiral Halsey task force arrived with the Federation’s own version of a raid. They tore apart the outer star system infrastructure, but the Horathians refused to surrender. Instead, those that could fled.

The two cruisers harassing Second Fleet were pinpointed. One managed to escape while the other was destroyed.

TF 3.2 retreated to Bf994 where they began repairing their damage and making contact with the Federation with their last remaining ansible. Admiral Irons ordered them to stand on the defense.

In Antigua Admiral Seinkov and other Bekian transplants were having trouble adapting to their A.I. and new technology. Also, April O’Neill was targeted for assassination but saved by ONI. Admiral Irons realized his house cleaning had been tipped off.

Horath saw the arrival of a destroyer with the news of the battle of Garth along with the arrival of Duchess Tucket. The arrivals forced the emperor to agree to send additional reinforcements.”

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