Blood and Tears by John Carson

 Blood and Tears

Blood and Tears by John Carson (A DCI Harry McNeil Crime Thriller Book 5)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 3.1 MB

John is the author of the DCI Harry McNeil novels, DI Frank Miller series of books, Max Doyle series of thrillers and the Scott Marshall series. He lives in New York State with his wife and two daughters.

An audacious escape is made by two killers from the High Court in Edinburgh city centre. One is a ruthless Glaswegian gangster, Archie Higgins, being sentenced for the murder of his daughter’s killer.
The other is Glasgow doctor, Kenneth Conrad, who is thought to have murdered over a hundred of his patients.
Both were being transported back to Barlinnie prison in Glasgow.
Both are now on the run.
As the manhunt is initiated, DCI Harry McNeil and his team is tasked with investigating who was involved in the breakout.
DCI Jimmy Dunbar and his colleague, DS Robbie Evans, are ordered through in Edinburgh, to work with Harry and his team in tracking down the killers.
It’s thought that Higgins will avoid Glasgow, and maybe try to run abroad. As for Conrad, as leads come in, it’s clear the doctor has started his killing spree again.
Both men are on the run, both with an agenda, and they have nothing to lose…

They had never met each other before. They didn’t move in the same social circles. They didn’t live in the same part of the city. But they did have one thing in common.

They were both seasoned killers.

Dr Kenneth Conrad and Archie Higgins had been caught, jailed and transported to Edinburgh’s High Court for sentencing. On the same day. Which was nothing unusual in itself, it just gave the press a field day.

‘Get a move on!’ one of the court officers shouted at them as they entered the transport area of the High Court building. It was on the lower level of the building on the high street, with its entrance onto St Giles Street.

The large van was waiting for them, like some removal van for human beings, although they weren’t being treated like human beings at the moment.

One of the court officers pushed Conrad and he turned to look at the man.

‘Got a problem?’ the officer said to him. ‘No? I didn’t think so. I’m not old enough for you to murder, am I?’

Conrad’s position of being innocent until proven guilty was long gone and now he was looking at spending the rest of his life in prison.

‘Sit in the back of the van and behave yourself or else those boys will not be quite so lenient as we are.’ He nodded to the security team who were dealing with the transfer back to Barlinnie.

Conrad didn’t say a word but turned round when he heard the door being opened again and Archie Higgins was brought through. The court officer who escorted him waited for the security team from the prisoner transport service to take over.

Conrad had begun to look away when the first explosion happened.

Flames shot out of the gaps around the front of the van.

‘What the hell was that?’ one of the court officers shouted as the driver jumped out.

‘The engine’s on fire!’ the driver shouted.

Another explosion and smoke billowed heavily from the front of the van, quickly filling the vehicle bay. It wasn’t a large area, just big enough to hold one van at a time.

Conrad felt panic well up inside.

‘Get them back upstairs!’ the officer yelled but as he tried to open the door leading back to the court, he found it locked.

There was a security office on one side, which was supposed to be manned at all times, but the guard could see it was empty. Where the hell was his colleague? He couldn’t see anybody, but there was chaos, with men shouting and the smoke getting thicker. The flames were becoming more intense.

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