Blood and Water by Alexes Razevich

Blood and Water

Blood and Water by Alexes Razevich
English | 2020 | Fantasy| ePUB | 3.2 MB

Few things can ruin a morning beach stroll faster than a dead body.

Dead magicals are turning up in the South Bay, the first one literally at Oona’s feet.

Then the body of another magical turns up in a backyard swimming pool. And another, in a water trap at an exclusive golf course. Things get personal when Oona’s grandmother tells her a banshee has begun wailing outside Gran’s window, and it’s pretty clear to all that the two things are entwined. And explains why Gran had gifted Oona with a very special book of protective spells.

Something twisted is going on, and the Magic Council has charged Oona and Diego with discovering who is behind it—if they can survive long enough to discover the truth.

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