Blood Trails series by Jennifer Blackstream

Blood Trails series

Blood Trails series by Jennifer Blackstream (#9-10)
English | 2021|Urban Fantasy| ePUB | 7.2 MB

Jennifer Blackstream is a USA Today bestselling author of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. She is amazed and grateful to have made a writing career out of a Master’s degree in Psychology, hours of couch-detecting watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, and endless research into mythology and fairy tales.

Conviction (#9): Shade’s FBI partner has shot a kelpie.
And this time, the law may not be on his side…
Agent Andrew Bradford once used deadly force to stop a kelpie from kidnapping a human teenager. And now Shade has gotten a call saying he’s done it again. Flesh-eating kelpie dead, human victim saved.

At least, he thinks that’s what happened.
He doesn’t remember.

His inability to clearly recall the night’s events forces Shade to seek answers among the monsters of the Otherworld. She’ll have to question scheming leannan sidhe, malicious waterhorses, and take a dangerous step into the world of vampire politics.
Otherworlders are nothing if not opportunistic. And there are plenty of powerful players ready to take advantage of Shade’s desperation to do whatever it takes to save her partner…

Misdirection (#10)(May 2021): Family can be tricky.
In the Otherworld, tricky can get you killed.

Shade’s latest case from her Unseelie master drags her into the home of a ruthless Seelie lord. A set of enchanted goblets has been stolen, and he wants her to find the thief. To make matters interesting, Flint has a relationship with the Seelie lord in question—

He’s his stepbrother.

Cael is proof that not all horrors come from the darkness. As the most infamous interrogator for the Court of Light and Illusion, he’s built a reputation for torture that goes beyond the physical. And he’s looking for a reason—any reason—to subject his stepbrother to his tender mercy.

The stakes are raised when a member of the household is murdered, and Shade’s group joins the suspect list. Surrounded by secrets and treachery, Shade is forced to question the loyalties and motives of everyone around her.
Unfortunately, Cael’s patience is running out. Now he’s given Shade an ultimatum:
Catch the thief. Catch the killer.
Or pay for both with her own blood.

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