Blue Monkey Quest by Alex Ross Carol

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Blue Monkey Quest by Alex Ross Carol (The Gates of Kronos #1)
English | 2019 | Sci-Fi/Fantasy| ePUB | 1.3 MB

In a faraway system, a planet much like Earth orbits a pair of suns that keep the planet habitable for life. And although many life forms are like those on Earth, others are very different and very foreign.
Set in a medieval period of castles and knights, twelve kingdoms divide the continent – each ruled by a fiercely independent king. Yet, they all bow to the power and wisdom of the empress who rules with a light hand over all her lands.
The young knight, Oliver, and his talking, blue monkey, Nikko, are caught up in their king’s quest for a powerful relic of the past — the infamous Map of Gneima. Soon they find themselves on their own journey but in a race to find the map before evildoers, as foretold in the ancient verses of the Book of Iuratis, find it first. Along the way, they meet others who band with them to find the truth.
Their quest takes them through the kingdoms — from the snow and ice of Frezia to the scalding deserts of Sanzotur. It leads them across vast oceans and down into the dark caverns. The Gates of Kronos are but one stop among many for the small band of adventurers.

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