Blue Moon Investigations series Boxed Set by Steve Higgs

Blue Moon Investigations

Blue Moon Investigations series Boxed Set by Steve Higgs
English | 2019 | urban Fantasy | ePUB |1.1 Mb

Blue Moon Investigations :Supernatural meets Buffy meets Jack Reacher!’

Delve into a world where supernatural crimes are investigated by one man standing alone to protect those that call on him. In the brooding, dark landscape of England, with its rolling hills and forgotten castles, the dark breeds evil in every shadow. With millions of pages read and thousands of books sold, the Tempest Michaels paranormal investigation series will grip you from the start and rob you of sleep as you continue turning pages until well after your bedtime. It is action-packed, but funny, fast-paced yet intriguing and there are 13 stories already published. Get the first 5 excitement-filled stories in this omnibus edition and save a pile against buying them individually.

1. Paranormal Nonsense
Falsely advertised as a paranormal investigator, Tempest Michaels has a serial killing vampire to track down and a poltergeist to catch and all because his client is just too gorgeous to turn down. He’ll need to keep his mind on the job though as his investigation soon attracts unwanted attention from the police and a local gang of vampire worshippers. They won’t be the biggest problem though as his friends, his mum, and his dogs are going to help!

2. The Phantom of Barker Mill
A hundred-year-old mystery proves irresistible for England’s only paranormal P.I. It looks like the perfect case, but someone, or perhaps everyone is lying to him, and as he closes in on the truth, he is led into a race against time that may cost him more than he is willing to pay. Oh, and his mum wants him to organise a baby shower.

3. Zombie Granny
Tempest Michaels has a zombie problem. Crazy people craving human flesh have been appearing without warning in hoards in towns across Kent. He is just as mystified as everyone else, but when the elderly husband of the recent viral internet sensation known as Zombie Granny asks him to prove she is no such thing, he has to take the case. Then outside his office, people start screaming…

4. Spooky Shopping Mall
When hysterical customers claim their shopping has been stolen by a ghost, the shopping mall manager calls the only paranormal investigation agency in the book. Meet Amanda Harper, Paranormal P.I. But its Amanda’s first day and nothing in life has prepared her for the bedlam that will follow. What is the truth behind the mysterious missing shopping bags? Does she have any idea what she is doing? And why, oh why, did she invite sassy BFF Patience Woods to help out.

5. The Klowns of Kent
Before the dust settles following a zombie outbreak, a plague of evil clowns descends on the towns and villages of Kent, bringing havoc and crime. When petty theft escalates to murder, Tempest knows he must get involved, but they come looking for him first. What is their motive? Are they from hell? To find out he’ll have to follow them into their trap and fight his way out.

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