Blue Star Marine Boxed Set by James David Victor

 Blue Star Marine Boxed Set

Blue Star Marine Boxed Set by James David Victor
English | 2021| Sci – Fi| ePUB | 7 MB

One man. One mission. Then everything changes. Alone in the galaxy, humanity has waged war against itself in the name of order and personal freedom. Will Boyd has been tasked with ending that war by bringing down the resistance group known as The Faction—from the inside. In the process, he can avenge his brother’s death. When an alien force materializes out of nowhere, he soon realizes there are bigger threats to humanity than differing ideologies. Can Will Boyd rally humanity to defeat a superior enemy force or will this alien invasion wipe mankind from the stars? The Blue Star Marine Boxed Set contains all six books in the Blue Star Marine series which follows a young man who will have to push his hatreds aside and come to the aid of all humanity.

Stories Included:

Federation at War
Alien Assault
Terminal Risk

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