Blunt Force by Lynda La Plante

Blunt Force

Blunt Force by Lynda La Plante (Jane Tennison #6)
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 3.5 MB

Things can’t get much worse for detective Jane Tennison.
Unceremoniously kicked off the adrenaline-fuelled Flying Squad, she’s been relegated to Gerald Road, a small and sleepy police station in the heart of London’s affluent Knightsbridge.
With only petty crime to sink her teeth into, Tennison can feel her career slowly flatlining. That is until the discovery of the most brutal murder Jane has ever seen: Charlie Foxley has been found viciously beaten to death, his body dismembered and disembowelled.
As a big-time showbiz agent, Foxley had a lot of powerful friends – but even more enemies. And alongside her old friend DS Spencer Gibbs, Tennison must journey into the salacious world of show business to find the killer, before they strike again . . .
In Lynda La Plante’s most gripping thriller yet**, Tennison discovers that the brightest lights hide the darkest secrets – and the killer doesn’t always hide in the shadows . . .

‘I am. Fifteen years. She’s a professional carer. We lost our only boy when he was seven. He had myeloid leukaemia, and for Joan caring for others has helped her get over it. Same for me, really.’

‘I’m so sorry about your son,’ Jane said. It was strange how little you really knew the people you worked with. All she had remembered about Dabs was his sheer professionalism and knowledge of ballistics. Now she realised he was also a very decent man.

Dabs put on the headlights as they continued along a narrow, dimly lit road.

‘I’ve been here so many times but I still drive past it. Here it is!’

Jane frowned. ‘You sure?’

They were in a narrow dead-end road.

Dabs laughed. ‘Well, it’s a pretty exclusive place, this. Not many people know about it, unless you’re into shooting, even though it’s been here for over fifty years. It used to be part of a leisure club attached to the post office in Surbiton back in 1966.’

They stopped by two large wooden gates with a sign on the wall saying ‘Surbiton Postal Rifle Club’. Dabs got out of the car and used a set of keys to unlock one side of the gates, sliding it open, then returned to the car. They entered a large car park and Dabs parked, returned to slide the main gate closed, and re-locked it. Jane climbed out as Dabs opened the rear double doors of the Mini and took out a black leather holdall. He placed it down on the ground beside him as he locked the car.

‘I’ve still got a lot of my equipment in here, but I know this is very secure. Right, follow me.’

They walked to the rear of the car park where there was an iron door with a keypad. Dabs entered a code and waited, then pushed the heavy door open. Jane heard it click behind them as she followed him down a stone corridor lit by an overhead strip light.

She was taken aback when they entered a large room. One corner near the entrance had a coffee bar and a vending machine. There was also a small cooker and kitchen sink. Standing at the sink washing up mugs was an attractive middle-aged woman who Dabs introduced as Vera.

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