Bone Lord 3 by Dante King

Bone Lord 3

Bone Lord 3 by Dante King
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.8 Mb

Bone Lord 3 : Dante King is an author of Men’s Adventure fiction in various flavors. His books involve strong male protagonists who know what they want and do what’s required to get it.

Vance has been Lord of Brakith for months, but it’s time to leave the city behind and venture into the Frozen Wastes. He has an undead army at his side, and a party of beautiful and powerful women. He’ll hunt down his Uncle and any followers of the Blood God. Every last one of them will bend the knee in worship to the new Death God. Of course, there’ll be necromancy, new skills, new women, and hordes of enemies to kill and resurrect for his army.

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