Book Restoration Unveiled by Sophia S.W. Bogle

Book Restoration Unveiled

Book Restoration Unveiled: An Essential Guide for Bibliophiles by Sophia S.W. Bogle
English | 2019 | Non-Fiction > Educational | ePUB | 5.8 MB

Book Restoration Unveiled : A Must-read for Every Bibliophile!
Book Lovers: Learn what can be done and what should be avoided to preserve a book’s value.Book Collectors: Discover how to identify restorations, facsimiles, sophistications, and even fraud.Book Dealers: Get the information you need to decide whether or not it is worth it to have a book restored.Book Conservators: Help your clients communicate with book anatomy diagrams and terminology.Librarians: Have at your fingertips the answer to: “Where can I go to get my book restored?”

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