Born of the Shade by D.O. Thomas

Born of the Shade

Born of the Shade by D.O. Thomas (Viventium Book 1)
English | 2019 | Urban Fantasy | ePUB | 1.6 Mb

Born of the Shade : They live among us. Hiding in plain sight. Until Now…
West London has always been known as the quieter part of the city. That’s true… for a human. But in reality, the streets are home to those that rule over the supernatural world.
Werewolves have their gated communities. Vampires reside within a subterranean utopia. And the magic-wielding wizards, witches, and warlocks study their arts right under the noses of general public. It has always been that way, and because of this, there has always been peace.
But when a rare blue moon settles in the sky, everything changes.
Noir, a West London information broker with his fingers in every supernatural pie, sets out to discover what the blue moon means and finds something beyond belief. With his discovery, comes the realization of a prophecy that spells disaster for the supernatural world.
He must do everything in his power to stop the actualization of this dark future that might mean the end for the peace between species that keeps his world intact.

“Who are you?” it asked, focus snapping to Noir. 

The voice clearly reverberated with fear. The worry that caused Noir’s heart to pound heavily in his chest lessened as he watched the body display the kind of vulnerability only found in the face of a lost child. Something sparked in Noir’s mind; he remembered most of why he had set the alert on his phone. Noir was exactly where he needed to be beneath the blue moon.

Smiling, Noir said, “My name? They call me Noir.”

“Noir,”whispered the body to itself.

“And yours?” asked Noir.

In response, the thing groaned, staring into the pool of blood beneath it.

“You don’t know, do you?” Noir laughed. “I assume you don’t even know what you are?”

The body looked back up at Noir. “Do you know?”

“Technically…” Shaking his head with a muted snigger, Noir stopped himself; he wasn’t about to divulge information freely. “Tell me. What’s the last thing you remember?” 

The body wore an expression as blank as its eyes. It seemed to travel far and wide within its mind, retracing its steps until it was tired, then it looked deep into Noir’s eyes. “Nothing,” it said. “

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