Brannigan’s Blackhearts series by Peter Nealen (#3-5,7)

Brannigan's Blackhearts series

Brannigan’s Blackhearts series by Peter Nealen (#3-5,7)
English | 2021 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2 MB

Peter Nealen is a former Recon Marine, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, and something of an aspiring renaissance man. He has long been a reader of history, philosophy, folklore, science fiction, and fantasy, and is the author of fifteen published novels and several short stories in the action adventure and supernatural thriller genres.

3. Enemy Unidentified
Terror strikes out of nowhere… …And the Blackhearts might be the only ones who can act. But who are they fighting? In a single, blood-soaked afternoon, coordinated attacks kill hundreds across the Southwest. The attackers are trained, well-equipped, and coordinated. They issue no demands. No one takes credit. But they have hostages. With a standoff turning bad on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, players behind the scenes turn to John Brannigan and his deniable band of mercenaries to clear the terrorists off the platform. No one will know who did it, just like no one knows who the terrorists are. It’s the amphibious raid from hell. And the politics around it might be as lethal as the bullets. Have the Blackhearts met their match?

4. Frozen Conflict
It’s a manhunt in a post-Soviet hellhole… …And it might lead to answers about a string of terror attacks. But the clock is ticking Transnistria. A breakaway republic on the eastern border of Moldova, and a bolt-hole for notorious black-market arms dealer Eugen Codreanu. Except that it’s suddenly turned from safe haven to prison for the man who was once rumored to be dealing in ex-Soviet backpack nukes. And Codreanu might have helped facilitate the worst terror attack in years. A shadow facilitator has reached out to Brannigan to offer information leading to Codreanu. But Transnistria is already swarming with Russian peacekeepers. And Westerners aren’t exactly welcome there. To make matters worse, the Blackhearts aren’t the only ones hunting him. The terrorists are trying to tie up loose ends. Can they catch Codreanu and get out alive?

5. High Desert Vengeance
They’ve always fought for pay… …Until now. This time, they’ll kill for free. But at what cost? Mario Gomez hasn’t ever been particularly open about his family, even among the Blackhearts. Most of his teammates know next to nothing about him. But now he has no choice. He’s going to have to bring the personal and the professional together. Because now he’s after revenge. His family’s troubles with the Espino-Gallo Cartel aren’t new. His father’s New Mexico ranch lies right on the fledgling cartel’s infiltration route. It hadn’t gone much farther than threats and trespassing before. But now Old Man Gomez has been murdered, and Mario’s sister Sonya kidnapped. There’s no paycheck to be had. But you don’t mess with a Blackheart’s family. The question is, though… how far will they really be willing to go?

7. Kill or Capture
The mask is off… …The shadowy enemy has been revealed But they won’t go down easily The Humanity Front is the biggest, richest, most fashionable humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization in the world. Politicians, world leaders, celebrities, and business kingpins all want to be seen helping its cause. It is also a ruthless terrorist organization, hell-bent on violent global change. Brannigan’s Blackhearts know their enemy now, after shutting down a Front biological weapons test in Chad. And they’re on the hunt. A shadowy, underworld kingpin has offered Brannigan target packages on several of their targets. But one of them has been tipped off and has fled to South America. The Blackhearts are heading to the Altiplano, righteous vengeance on their minds. But is their enemy running scared, or laying a trap?

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