Britannia AD 43 by Nic Fields

Britannia AD 43

Britannia AD 43: The Claudian Invasion (Osprey Campaign 353) by Nic Fields
English | 2020 |Non-Fiction > History| ePUB | 32 MB

A highly illustrated account of how the Roman legions crossed the sea to conquer Britannia in AD 43.

For the Romans, Britannia lay beyond the comfortable confines of the Mediterranean world around which classical civilization had flourished. Britannia was felt to be at the outermost edge of the world itself, lending the island an air of dangerous mystique.

To the soldiers crossing the Oceanus Britannicus in the late summer of AD 43, the prospect of invading an island believed to be on its periphery must have meant a mixture of panic and promise. These men were part of a formidable army of four veteran legions (II Augusta, VIIII Hispana, XIIII Gemina, XX Valeria), which had been assembled under the overall command of Aulus Plautius Silvanus. Under him were, significantly, first-rate legionary commanders, including the future emperor Titus Flavius Vespasianus. With the auxiliary units, the total invasion force probably amounted to around 40,000 men, but having assembled at Gessoriacum (Boulogne) they refused to embark. Eventually, the mutinous atmosphere was dispelled, and the invasion fleet sailed in three contingents.

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