British Girl Found Dead by Rowland Stone

British Girl Found Dead

British Girl Found Dead by Rowland Stone
English | 2021 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 6 MB

Not every holiday goes to plan…
When a young man arrives at the British Consulate in Majorca wanting to see the Consul, Elaine Martin, he tells her that a British girl has been murdered in the party town of Magaluf and that local police are trying to frame him.
The murder reminds Elaine of a violent assault that happened four years earlier, when a woman and her lover were attacked. Curious about the case Elaine offers to help investigate.
Meanwhile, Elaine is tasked with finding a 12-year-old British child who has disappeared.
When CCTV of the murdered girl shows her being led away from a nightclub, a man is charged with killing her.
But when Elaine finds the missing child, it throws open the case and Elaine soon discovers how quickly paradise can become a nightmare…

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