Bronson’s Battle by Brynn Hale

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Bronson’s Battle by Brynn Hale (Red Star Rebel Squad #2)
English | 2020 | Romance| ePUB | 1.3 MB

He’s never looked back. She’s never looked forward. But when he’s hurt in a covert operation, can he count on her again?
Bronson: I watched from a distance through a scope as they lowered the casket into the vault. I cursed myself as she crumbled to the ground when everyone was gone.
Neveah knows me as another name and her best friend and confidant. I’m still the same guy, but I don’t think she’ll see it like that.
I know her past and I helped her through the darkest days, except for one…the day I died.
The day I realized that she loved me like I loved her.
And now I need her again and she’s the only person I can trust.
I never stopped loving her. I’m going to find out if she feels the same.

Neveah: I opened the door and realized the last five years were a lie. His life is a lie. And I don’t tolerate liars—he knows this.
Looking a dead man in the eyes is like seeing into heaven. But when he speaks, I feel like I’m in hell.
Every wish, every dream, every wanting moment comes rushing back to me.
I can’t do this again, especially if he’s returning to his ghostly status after these two weeks.
I’ve hid too much in my life, but I’ll continue to hide my feelings to protect my heart.
He thinks he can return from the dead and sleep in my bed. Hell to the no!
If he wants back into my life…he’ll need to bring not only his best moves, but also the truth. The latter will be the harder for him.

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