Built to Last by J.N. Chaney

Built to Last

Built to Last by J.N. Chaney (Cyborg Corps #2)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.9 MB

J. N. Chaney has a Master’s of Fine Arts in creative writing and fancies himself quite the Super Mario Bros. fan. When he isn’t writing or gaming, you can find him in the Renegade Readers Facebook Group. The Facebook group is full of fans as well as universe authors who love to discuss the books and other related topics.

The shackles have been broken. The war for freedom has begun.
Warren’s new colony has become an oasis in a war-torn galaxy, but new enemies and a distant call for help threaten to wrench peace from his grasp.
The Commonwealth mothership is being disassembled, mostly for scrap, but it also contains weapons and technology which the industrious people of Reotis are putting to good use.
Among the artifacts recovered is an odd-looking pod, no bigger than a loaf of bread, and it holds a secret that sheds more light on how powerful Warren’s enemy truly is.
Was the Commonwealth hiding this technology? Or did they steal it from somebody else?
As more cyborgs are discovered throughout the galaxy, the fight for freedom expands beyond the colony of Reotis. Warren’s search for answers grows, along with his thirst for independence.
He will not be made a slave ever again. He vows to live, to survive, to rebel. No matter the cost.

Some of the people nearby looked to be growing impatient with how slow Linus was progressing through the simple assembly. Until he was done, there wasn’t much they could do except organize supplies, clean tools, and talk, which was what they were doing now. That, and glaring at the young man.

“Hey, boss,” an older man with a mustache that completely hid his mouth said. “How’s about letting me do this part. I’m pretty good with the welder.”

“No,” Warren said. “He needs the experience. Everyone does. How would you like to be stuck with the only person who didn’t know how to use a welder the next time the Republic or Commonwealth attacked?”

The man opened his mouth, closed it, then shrugged. “It’s just that we’ve got another thirty of these to do, and the refugees have already been waiting a while.”

“I’m aware of that,” said Warren. “But I want him to complete this one now that he’s started it, so please wait.”

The man took a step back and sat down on a gray plastic storage box. He looked like he might be toying with the idea of protesting some more, but so far he was keeping his thoughts to himself.

“That’s the spot,” Rigby said. She was watching Linus weld as sparks fell from the boy’s work and danced across her face. Her cybernetic eyes were too tough to be damaged by the tiny molten bits of metal. Since they weren’t organic, they didn’t suffer ill effects of looking directly at the arc, either.

A minute later, Linus lifted his welding mask and checked his work. “How’s that?”

Rigby squinted up at the weld. Warren could’ve looked through her eyes since all the cyborgs shared a common communication protocol, but they’d decided to limit its use to wartime only. Otherwise, being able to see what everyone was looking at, always knowing where they were, and hearing everything everyone said seemed like an invasion of privacy.

Warren could reactivate instant communications if they were invaded. If he was incapacitated, two other cyborgs, Lukov and Cooper, could do it as well. The privacy was welcome and almost made him feel like he was human again.



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