But Not For Fear by B.J. Bourg

But Not For Fear

But Not For Fear (Clint Wolf #17) by B.J. Bourg
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 2.7 MB

BJ Bourg is a twenty-seven-year veteran of law enforcement and has worked as a patrol cop, detective, police academy instructor, SWAT officer, sniper leader, and chief investigator for a district attorney’s office.

Something evil is lurking beneath the waters of Mechant Loup, and it’s up to Clint Wolf to figure out what it is.
In broad daylight on a calm, sunny day in August, a young college student suddenly disappears in Le Diable Lake and never resurfaces. Despite a desperate search by her boyfriend, she is not found.
While en route to the scene of the disappearance, Clint Wolf and Officer Melvin Saltzman make a grim discovery that is seemingly unrelated to the initial report. However, as the community comes together to search for the missing girl, it becomes increasingly evident that something evil is operating beneath the dark waters–and no one is safe from its clutches.


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