But Not Fortuitous by BJ Bourg

But Not Fortuitous

But Not Fortuitous by BJ Bourg (Clint Wolf Mystery Series Book 16)
English | 2020 | Mystery | ePUB | 2.9 MB

BJ Bourg is a twenty-seven-year veteran of law enforcement and has worked as a patrol cop, detective, police academy instructor, SWAT officer, sniper leader, and chief investigator for a district attorney’s office.

When Mechant Loup detective Clint Wolf stops a vehicle for reckless driving, he doesn’t find a drunk driver or an irresponsible teenager inside. Instead, he discovers a distraught father in a desperate search for his missing sons. Upon learning the boys were overdue from a fishing trip in the swamps, Clint summons the assistance of trusted friend and skilled mantracker, Melvin Saltzman.
During their search, Clint and Melvin locate one of the boys huddling near a pirogue in a private lake, but the other brother is nowhere to be found. Melvin begins tracking the teenager through the woods and soon locates a bloody shovel under a windthrown tree. Further on, he locates what appears to be a freshly dug grave–and things begin to go south from there.
What they find when they unearth the grave sets Clint on a 1,800-mile journey to solve a murder case that wasn’t meant to be solved. Whether or not he succeeds–or survives–will depend on a number of things, not the least of which might be a fortuitous event.


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