Butcher Baker Banker by Linda Coles

Butcher Baker Banker

Butcher Baker Banker by Linda Coles
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Hi, I’m Linda Coles, an English woman now living in New Zealand. I’ve written marketing books and a couple of romance books, and have now settled on crime as my chosen genre, since that’s what I enjoy reading the most.

Two deaths. Three extraordinary problems. Questionable ways to fix them.
A trio of individuals weave in and out of each other’s lives without realising they have a connection. But they do.
Baker Kit Morris will do anything to keep his family business alive. Desperate for cash, he hatches a risky plan that lands him in trouble. As he struggles to stay out of prison, Kit forges an unlikely friendship with a tough man.
Local thug Ron Butcher rose to the top of London’s gangland by “fixing things”. But even his extensive crooked connections are useless when death knocks at his own family’s door.
And where does the CEO of a high-street bank fit into all of this?
As DS Amanda Lacey and DC Jack Rutherford investigate recent deaths, Jack receives a last-minute history lesson and is left wondering where it all went wrong.
Another intriguing story featuring ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances that will keep you turning the pages and wanting more.

“Just when you thought it was safe and nearly home time,” moaned DC Jack Rutherford. “And Mrs Stewart has a cheese and onion pie ready for dinner tonight. Now the crust will go soft; it’s not the same heated up later.”

DS Amanda Lacey rolled her eyes at him. Even though she was his direct boss, Jack was a good twenty years older than her. Not that it even mattered, but most assumed it would be the other way around. Amanda looked youthful for her age, while Jack had more wrinkles and laughter lines than a retired barmaid. Male moisturiser hadn’t been a thing when he’d been younger, not like what men used nowadays – though Jack was still to discover it. The police staff locker rooms now resembled those of a premier league football team with the amount of fancy balms and fragrances that were used in there. The world was going soft, literally.

“We can’t control when the dead are discovered,” she said, mild irritation evident in her voice as she slipped in behind the steering wheel. Jack tucked into the passenger seat beside her. She’d known Jack, been his work partner, for a little over five years now, and the two of them were close. With his wider work and life experiences, they were an even match in ability. While she held rank, theirs was usually a relationship of level pegging, unless a higher-ranking officer was present.

“It sounds like a burglary gone wrong from what we know,” she added. “It appals me that someone has obviously targeted a vulnerable and elderly person. What scum walk amongst us, don’t you think?”

Jack grunted his agreement. It wasn’t like Amanda to be so vocal, so negative, particularly at the outset of a case. They hadn’t even got to the scene for heaven’s sake, and she was already making assumptions. It was out of character for her. But Amanda had been taking things hard ever since she and her wife, Ruth, had had a major falling out and started living apart. That had been a little over two months ago, and there was no sign of her current mood abating, nor normal service resuming. The two women were now living in separate houses, Amanda returning to her old property when the tenants had conveniently moved on, while Ruth remained in the matrimonial home. Although she hadn’t needed it for long, Amanda had at first accepted the offer of Jack’s back bedroom, which was certainly better than a hotel room.When the heart is in the process of breaking, it’s best not to be alone. Her recent time away, a brief spell on the Cornish coast to lick her break-up wounds, had been closely followed by a leadership and resilience course. The holiday might have done her good, but the course seemed to have been a waste of time, her current demeanour not showing any evidence of improved leadership. Jack was also yet to see results from the resilience aspect, which he thought sounded way too much like tree-hugging to be anything serious. He kept his head down and braved her stormy moods. When he figured it was safe to talk, he asked, “Who found the body?” It was more for conversation than anything else. He already knew the answer.

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