Butterfly Girl by Wayne Purdy

Butterfly Girl

Butterfly Girl by Wayne Purdy (Heck Collins Mystery #1)
English | 2021| Mystery/Thriller |ePUB| 6.8 MB

A decade ago, Hector Collins was with the military police investigating the murder of a cross-dressing soldier on base in Afghanistan. The investigation cost him an eye and his honour. The case was never solved. Now, Heck has slipped into an easy life as a bouncer at a strip club, Pandora’s Box Gentleman’s Club. It’s a comfortable life, a life without responsibilities, danger, or commitments. That simple life is challenged when Heck becomes embroiled in a new murder investigation, a transgirl working as an escort with obvious similarities to the first murder. Together with Hazel, a tattooed stripper with her own criminal past, they attempt to unravel the true identity of the killer. Can they stop him before he kills again or will they be his next victims?


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