By the List by Callie Hall

 By the List

By the List by Callie Hall
English | 2021| Romance FF | ePUB | 3.3 MB

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Everyone has a bucket list, but what if you’ve never asked anyone else out before?

Adel’s social circle is rather small. Without the fans of her blog, she wouldn’t have one at all. This doesn’t bother Adel as much as it probably should, but with her apartment feeling as empty as her love life, Adel’s determined to make a change. Starting with herself.

Asking someone else out, however? Adel’s going to need a lot more than some liquid courage to pull it off.

Gail’s put everything she has into her family’s bar, but if she doesn’t think of something soon, she’ll lose everything she owns. With the walls closing in around her, what Gail really needs is a distraction, something to take her mind off of things, if only for a little while.

Meeting a new patron is exactly what Gail needs. What she doesn’t expect, however, is to miss the other woman’s company once she’s gone.

Without Adel’s number or an address to go by, Gail’s left with the memory of an evening that ended much too soon. But when their paths cross twice in one night?

Gail isn’t about to make that mistake again.

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