Cabal by David Delaney


abal by David Delaney (Paragon Society #4)
English | 2019 |Sci / Fi | ePUB | 451 Kb

Cabal:What happens when you accidentally bring one of the world’s most powerful blood-mages back from the dead?

Orson Reid and his friends are about to find out.

But first they’ll need to deal with the Paragon Society’s ever-growing web of lies, an ancient shape-shifter blood sport and a very unexpected display of magic ability—but not necessarily in that order.

Whoever said being the good guys was easy, was dead wrong.

And to complicate things even further, it seems that somebody is getting really close to fusing cutting-edge technology with magic.

All hell is about to break loose. Can Orson and the gang survive the coming storm?

The supernatural, action packed, twists and turns of Cabal will keep you up well past your bedtime. Get your copy today.

Includes the bonus novella, Singularity Barbecue, the story that introduced readers to the world of the Paragon Society.

The Paragon Society Main Series

Orson: A Paragon Society Novel
Gypsy Witch: A Paragon Society Novel
Lucy: A Paragon Society Novel
Cabal: A Paragon Society Novel
Blood-Mage: A Paragon Society Novel (Announced)

Novellas and Short Stories
Singularity Barbecue: A Paragon Society Novella

“The crime scene team marched in and got to work cataloguing the contents of the room.

Morgan continued quietly, “Boss, I’m a team player, I go where I’m told, I follow orders. But lately . . . I can’t help but feel like I’m being kept in the dark.” Morgan directed his gaze to the ceiling that was streaked with long, black scorch marks. “Do you want to explain those? What kind of incendiary device leaves scorch marks up there, but a completely undisturbed lab below? I’ve been in the war business for a very long time and I can tell you I’ve never run across anything like that.”

“I’m sure CSU will be able to provide an explanation once they’ve studied the scene,” said Mrs. White.

“The way they did last month with all those bodies that had been ripped apart by what was clearly a huge animal? Because I believe their expert explanation was that someone had used a chainsaw.”

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