Caesar’s Shadow by Anthony Wright

Caesar's Shadow

Caesar’s Shadow by Anthony Wright (Gods & Kings #1)
English | 2020 |Fantasy| ePUB | 3.1 MB

What would you do to be a part of history? History obsessed gamer Matt Bailey has always dreamed about seeing ancient Rome at the height of its glory. Now he can. The newest VRMMO Gods & Kings is the closest thing to a time machine he’ll ever get.

At first Matt is overjoyed to be able to relive some of history’s most climactic moments and decides to aid Julius Caesar against Pompey the Great. He aligns himself with a mysterious soldier god giving him otherworldly powers, recruits his own troops and levels them in battle to unlock new formations and abilities. It’s awesome!

But his carefree attitude soon earns the scorn of a serious competitor who has made it his mission to rewrite history and see Caesar and his allies destroyed. To see the version of Rome he loves come to life, Matt must use all his skill to defeat the new overwhelming might of the Pompeians.

One player may change the course of history, and it’s up to Matt to stop him.

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