Called by EJ Pay


Called by EJ Pay (Called Trilogy #1)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 341 Kb

Called : All of her life, a strange but beautiful dream has haunted Evelyn Marin’s sleep. Raised by a protective single mother after her father’s mysterious disappearance years before, Evelyn is ready to leave her Arizona home for college on the East Coast, the Atlantic Ocean pulling her as surely as the tides.

But Florida is not what she expected with her boyfriend’s erratic behavior, a horrible roommate, and an attractive boss. But these are nothing compared to what else Evelyn discovers. No one and nothing is quite like it seems, leaving Evelyn searching for the answers to so many questions: What happened to her father more than a decade ago? What has been calling her to the Atlantic? And most importantly, who is she really?

“Celia is in the Bahamas with her mother and will return next week. You and Gwen will have time to settle in before she arrives. Celia has been to our campus so often that she really doesn’t need time to adjust.

“Speaking of mothers,” Uncle Russ continues, “I talked with yours before we met up this morning. She wants me to remind you to not go into the bay alone and to not go into the bay at night and to not go into the bay when you are doing homework.” He smiles and adds, “I’m pretty sure she would be fine if you never stepped a single toe into the water.”

“That’s about right,” I say with a smile. I swallow some orange juice to hide my face. I don’t need Uncle Russ to know that I have every intention to spend a lot of time in the bay. I still don’t know how much he will tell my mom. “I’m sure I’ll be busy with class and homework. I’ll go to the bay, but it’s not like I’m going to live there.”

Uncle Russ’s smile fades and he clears his throat. He picks up his own juice and looks around. “Well,” he says after taking a drink, “it would be nice if that were an option, don’t you think? We kind of have that here.”

I know about the school Aquarius Program where participants actually live in an undersea lab. It’s an ideal environment for studying sea life and is a world-class facility. But that isn’t for me. I want to find answers to my life in the ocean, not answers to sea life in the ocean.

“Maybe for your graduate students,” I say, “but I’m not interested in living underneath all that water. I think I would feel claustrophobic.”

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