Calling Down the Lightning by Len Maynard

Calling Down the Lightning

Calling Down the Lightning by Len Maynard (The Bahamas #2)
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.9 MB

Harry Beck is rebuilding his life after the devastating scandal that rocked the Bahamas the previous year. He has come through it with his reputation intact, but with some major changes.

Harry has teamed up with trusted crew member Stevie Bailey to restart the charter business, with Stevie as junior partner in Beck and Bailey Charters. He has married Katy and inherited the vessel, the Sallyanna. For a while, the barometer is set fair.

The only storm on the horizon is the unannounced arrival on the island of Stevie’s girlfriend, FBI Special Agent Billie Jean Martinez. Billie arrives with a hired assassin in her wake, contracted by crime boss Patrick Rafferty to kill her before she can open her mouth and ruin the Irishman’s political ambitions.

A hit is attempted and thwarted by Harry, but the assassin refuses to leave the island, determined to complete the contract.

From then on, it’s a challenge for Harry to keep Billie alive, using all of his skills as a sailor and navigator to stay one step ahead of the killer.

In a nail-biting and tragic climax Harry begins a race against time to ensure that the killer’s promise is left unfulfilled.

Kirkland watched from the arrival gate as the two women embraced and kissed each other. Such a public display of sexual desire offended him. He knew from the dossier he’d read about Billie-Jean Martinez that she was involved in a lesbian relationship and it diminished her in his eyes – made her easier to kill. He fought down his disgust, and kept focused on the task in hand.

The women were with a man, and that was unexpected. It could cause complications. He now had to factor that into the equation. He studied the women’s companion. Just shy of six feet tall, mid-to-late thirties, perhaps a touch over forty, fairly athletic, he looked as if he could be quite useful in a fight. That was bad news. Kirkland could kill him easily enough. He’d taken on bigger and stronger than him, dispatched them easily, often without breaking a sweat. But any conflict would be a complication, and he hated complications. Get in, make the hit, and get out. It was the way he liked to operate. Everything planned to the last detail, no room for error, for surprises. So Kirkland would make a point not to cross paths with the tall, tough-looking stranger.

Kirkland spied his contact across the arrival hall – a tall, rangy black man wearing shorts, Hawaiian shirt, battered leather cowboy hat, and a stupid grin. He was holding up a ragged piece cardboard torn from a cigarette carton with KIRKLAND scrawled upon it in black felt tip. Having his name broadcast didn’t concern him. It was one of the many aliases he used, and he had never used it before in the Bahamas, and would probably never use it again. He was slightly concerned with the man’s demeanour. Kirkland was here on business and expected a high level of professionalism from the people he worked with. The grinning fool was falling well short of his high standards. He might be proved wrong. Only time would tell.

He watched the women’s companion take the trolley and start to wheel it towards the exit. He crossed quickly to his contact.

‘Get outside and start the car. Be ready to move when I tell you.’

The grin didn’t slip. If anything it widened. ‘Mr Kirkland,’ he said. ‘Hope you had a good flight. I’m Benny.’

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