Callsign Cerberus: Exile to Hell by Mark Ellis

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Callsign Cerberus: Exile to Hell by Mark Ellis
English | 2020| Sci-Fi| ePUB | 2.5 MB

Two centuries after Nukeday, the eternal battle between order and chaos, freedom and slavery continues. Pockets of fortified city-states are ruled by powerful barons, plenipotentiaries of humanity’s hidden enslavers. Half-human hybrids, these inheritors carry out an ancient conspiracy to ensure mankind’s domination.

America had barely survived a nuclear and ecological holocaust. Two centuries later, a new order emerges to inflict its rule on the fortified city-states known as baronies. Beyond the walls is Terra Infernus, the hell on earth, where a fragile freedom remains.

Once a fearsome warrior of the new order, Kane discovers a secret that has damned humanity since the dawn of history. Banished as an enemy of the state, he joins forces with Brigid Baptiste, keeper of the archives and brother-in-arms Grant to free the future from the yoke of inhuman power.

In the place that was once called New Mexico, the Cerberus warriors find the first clues to humanity’s dark destiny.

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