Candid Camera by HA Blackwood

Candid Camera

Candid Camera by HA Blackwood
English | 2021 Romance FF| ePUB | 6.9 MB

A new relationship. A secret from the past. Will their love survive?

Darcy Ford and Gemma Amante are contemplating the next big move in their relationship when Ashleigh, a lover from Gemma’s past, shows up unexpectedly. She brings news that has Darcy and Gemma on a trip to Los Angeles.

Gemma’s friends from her old life as a sex worker are in trouble and need help. Going undercover as sex cam workers in the city of sin may seem like a literal pleasure trip, but when they go up against a new type of criminal, they’re going to need all of their sexy savvy. Between steamy escapades, clues begin to emerge. If they’re going to solve this mystery, they’ll have to risk their way of life, their relationship, and their very lives.

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