Candy Clouds and Corpses by Patti Benning

Candy Clouds and Corpses

Candy Clouds and Corpses by Patti Benning (Candy Covered Cozy Mysteries Book 8)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.8 MB

Patti Benning is a new cozy writer climbing up the charts with her Darling Deli Series and Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria Series.

When two amateur sleuths have mother/daughter time…Murder comes calling.

The Maple Creek summer fair brings back happy memories for candy shop owner, Candice Rothburg, and her mother, Moira Darling. The two super-busy ladies take time out of their schedules and make grand plans to enjoy the festival together. Their happy, relaxing day together comes to a screeching halt when they both receive calls about two separate murders – one at Moira’s deli, and one at Candice’s candy shop. A message is being sent, but for whom? And why? Are both Moira and Candice on the wrong side of a killer?

“Who, though?” she asked. “My employees are the only ones with the login information, other than you. And David, I suppose, since he helped us set everything up. We’re also the only ones with keys, plus my mom. But whoever killed that poor man must have had a key, because Logan swears the doors were locked. So, who else would have a key and a code, and why would they do something like this? It feels like it has to be personal, but none of us knew the victim and there wasn’t a note or anything.” 

“Assuming I’m not a suspect,” he said, “and that your mom and David aren’t either, then I think all the signs are pointing toward it being one of your employees.” 

“No way,” she said, crossing her arms. “None of them would do it. Fiona doesn’t even have a key yet, Allison is literally my sister, Logan has been working for me for years, and you and I both know him super well. He’s a good guy. And Suri, she has a son. There’s no way she would do something like this and jeopardize being able to watch him grow up.” 

“Then one of them must have let something slip to someone they know,” he said. “It wouldn’t be that hard for someone close to them to steal a key long enough to make a copy.”

Candice frowned. “I don’t know. It would take a lot of planning, and they would still need the login information for the cameras. Plus, my mom got a similar call at almost the exact same time I did. I don’t know what happened exactly, but she said one of her employees had to call an ambulance. I kept meaning to call her about it, but the police needed to ask me all these questions, and then I was driving. I’m going to give her a call now. Maybe she’ll be able to shine some light on all of this.” 

“Take your time,” he said. “I hope whatever happened at the deli today wasn’t as serious as what happened with you.” 

She grabbed her cell phone and walked into the living room, not for privacy so much as the chance to just think in peace and quiet. Maia followed her and jumped up onto the cat tree by the window, mewing at her until Candice ran her hand along the petite cat’s back. She looked down at her cell phone and dialed her mother’s number. The older woman answered quickly.

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