Cannibal Gold by Chuck Dixon

Cannibal Gold

Cannibal Gold by Chuck Dixon (Bad Times Book 1)
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Four men.
Four Days.
For the fight of their lives.
It was just a walk in the desert to a place 100,000 years in the past.
They thought they knew what to expect but they were wrong.
Now a team of scientists is trapped in a world they were not prepared for and can never return from.
Their only hope lies in a quartet of former US Army Rangers willing to travel to prehistoric Nevada and face unknown horrors and impossible odds to bring them home from Bad Times.

“A time machine?” Dwayne asked.

“In its simplest terms?” Tauber said, “yes.”

The half-buried cargo container served as an entryway to a block-walled chamber that was a thousand square feet minimum with a twenty-foot ceiling. Exposed vents poured cold air down into the room from above. This chamber was at the heart of the hill of fresh earth. There was a computer workstation set on a steel table. Doors to some rooms lined one wall. One door was open, and Dwayne could see a row of tiled stall showers. There were some pieces of equipment covered with cloths along another wall.

The farthest end of the big room was dominated by a row of thick, concentric coils with a corrugated steel platform suspended on the inside of the coils as a floor or walkway. There was enough clearance to allow a man to walk into the coil array without stooping.

The walkway led fifty feet to where the rank of coils ended at the rear wall of the big room. Vapor bled off the framework. They were rimed with some kind of ice or condensation. The whole coil array and walkway sat on a framework atop a poured concrete slab. The big room was a deep freeze after the desert heat. There was a chemical tang in the air.

“I walk through those Freon tubes, and I could meet Cleopatra?” Dwayne said.

“Conceivably,” the doc replied. He was pleased that Dwayne was getting it.

“I rode all the way out here with you,” Dwayne turned to him and spoke without inflection. “I may as well hear the rest.”

“Without going into the physics or resorting to equations, the Tube creates a field that halts and then reverses the flow of time,” Tauber said. “This requires a tremendous amount of power which we get by amping up the tower with a surge. That creates a mega-joule response from the tower, which increases the power of the initial jolt exponentially. There are limitations, of course. We can only crank up the necessary wattage once in a forty-eight hour period and then for only a thirty-minute window.”

“You must get a hell of a bill from Nevada Electric,” Dwayne said. He noticed his breath came out as vapor.

“Oh, we’re off the grid completely,” the doc said. “We can’t have anyone asking questions. That’s why we have a nuclear reactor.”


“Inside one of the Q-huts. A generation four reactor. No waste. Totally shielded, very little spike in the background radiation. Just a small unit, really. Smaller than the one on a submarine.”

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