Can’t Buy My Love by Jamie Knight

Can't Buy My Love

Can’t Buy My Love: Billionaire and Virgin Romance Collection by Jamie Knight
English |2021 | Romace| ePUB |2.8 MB

He might be able to buy a date.
But he’ll have to win my heart the old-fashioned way.

I’ve always had a crush on my rich, hot, older boss.
I can’t believe it when I find out he goes to auctions.
The kind where billionaires bid on dates with women.
And I’m even more shocked when he wants me to go, too.
I’ll be paid a lot of money to let him take me out.
That’s exactly what I’ve been dreaming of for so long.
It’s just one night, and then it’s over.
He never does commitment or relationships.
And I don’t want to ruin my career before it really started.

So why does it feel like we’re falling for each other?
Should I try to stop gravity or see if love can break our fall?

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