Captivated by Suzanne Wright


Captivated by Suzanne Wright (The Deep in Your Veins Series Book 6)
English | 2021 |  Romance | ePUB | 6.6 MB

Three novellas set in The Hollow, a gated community on a private island that homes the ruling vampires, their legion, and many other vampires and humans. It is not necessary to have read the earlier books in the series, but it may help.

SHATTERED – Max and Paige
If there was one thing Paige West thought she knew for sure, it was that Max Kincaid did not like her. So when an argument between them ends in an explosive kiss, she’s more than stunned. Even more shocking? He proposes a deal—she’ll spend three nights in his bed, they’ll burn off the relentless sexual chemistry, and then they’ll each go their own way. Sounds simple. What could go wrong? Nothing, providing she can walk away emotionally unscathed. The trouble is … she’s not so certain she can.

ENTICED – Damien and Lexi
None of Lexi Solomon’s life plans had included living on an island filled with supposedly mythical creatures. Being inexplicably drawn to one of them isn’t so great, considering relationships between humans and vampires have no future, but Damien Addams compels her like nothing else. He also wants her in his bed. More, he wants to claim her as his vessel, meaning no vampire but him will be allowed to feed from her. Tempting. But it would also be reckless … because she’s falling too fast and too hard for a man she can’t keep.

DARED – Ryder and Maya
Maya Duncan knows that moving on from Ryder Kingsley won’t be easy, even if all they had was a brief fling before he left for a six-month-long trip. Well now he’s back, and it’s clear he has no interest in picking up where they left off. But after a group game of Truth or Dare forces them to put their hands on each other again, their resolve to keep their distance crumbles into nothing. But can the fling amount to more this time round, or are the rumours true? Is Ryder too deep in grief over a woman he lost to ever truly move forward?

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