Cardinal Sin by J.R. Ripley

Cardinal Sin

Cardinal Sin by J.R. Ripley (A Bird Lover’s Mystery #9)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 844 Kb

Cardinal Sin:Birds & Bees owner Amy Simms will need help from her fine-feathered friends when an uncommon bird sighting plunges her into a hornet’s nest of black magic and murder most foul . . .

Amy’s enjoying a rare moment of relaxation when a customer shows up seeking her expertise in ID-ing an unusual bird she’s seen flying around her wooded cabin at the edge of town. Ruby Lake, North Carolina, newcomer Yvonne Rice resembles an exotic bird herself—apparently the kind that doesn’t fly. When she’s found shot to death in her locked cabin, the only witness found is a statue of a voodoo deity staring down from the mantel.

Does the rare yellow cardinal Yvonne spotted hold any clues to her demise? What about the Ouija board spelling out the words I am murdered? As Amy delves deeper into Yvonne’s life and meets her strangely secretive neighbors, she’s determined to stop a fowl-hearted murderer from migrating to a new killing ground .

“Dan turned and banged on Yvonne’s door. “Ms. Rice? This is Dan Sutton. Open the door, please.”

I hesitated with my fingers on the door handle of my van. “She’s not answering, Dan. I tried.”

He looked at me. “You’re supposed to be in your vehicle. With the doors locked and the windows rolled up.”

I moved even closer until we were shoulder to shoulder. “I tried the back door, too. Besides, with all the commotion we’re making between talking and your siren, if Yvonne could answer, don’t you think she would?”

Dan blinked, then jiggled the front doorknob. “Locked. You say the other door is locked, too?”


Dan nodded. “Stand back.”

I took a step backward and slipped off the porch. As I rose and dusted myself off, I heard the sound of splitting wood. Dan had kicked the door in.

“Wait outside.” All business now, Dan drew his gun and stepped inside.

The doorjamb was splintered. The front door dangled on its hinges. I tiptoed closer and peered inside. The fire was nearly out.”

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