Cash & Cary by Sam E. Kraemer

Cash & Cary

Cash & Cary by Sam E. Kraemer (Men of Memphis Blues Book 1)
English | 2021| Romance MM |ePUB| 6.9 MB

★Cash Mitchell★
Cary Brewer is the best catcher in the country, and he’s part of the reason I’m starting my first Major League Baseball game for the Memphis Blues. He told me the first day of our minicamp that he’d make my life a living hell. Oh, he achieved that goal in spades, but I doubt in the way he intended.
Tragedy never takes a holiday, and having suffered one, I’m not ready for another. When it happens, Cary is there to support me. I have a guardian angel who’s been looking out for me, and I never knew it.
Now, I wonder what the cost will be for both of us—since I’ve already fallen for him.
★Cary Brewer★
Skip Mitchell told me that his nephew is a hell of a pitcher. Seeing the kid in action proves the man right. But when I lay eyes on Cash Mitchell, my gut ties itself in knots. Ask anyone—I’m not that guy.
The attraction I’m fighting tooth and claw will only be detrimental to both of our careers. I need to get away from him, but how do I do that?
The kid has me completely under his spell, and the blue in my uniform will match the blue in my pants if something doesn’t give.

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