Catalyst by E.L. Strife


Catalyst by E.L. Strife (Dead Cell #1)
English |2021 |Sci – Fi| ePUB | 8.4 MB

Thyterians want her dead.

Revni Crasher, an unlicensed cybernetic prosthetics tech, is one of the infected, harboring the symbiotic, alien lifeform known as Chromata. The Thyterion Empire will stop at nothing to see New Earth cleansed. Cures they created to rid First and Second Wave of Chromata caused sicknesses that required amputations. Cybernetic prosthetics became commonplace among the survivors deemed Chromatans.

Revni learned how to fix her arm from her father. She isn’t supposed to repair without a World Technical Franchise certification. As a junker who scraps metal and parts to survive in the modern Thyterion regime, she–like many others–can’t afford the cert or the parts despite her own needs.

When soldiers come after her older brother, Revni must face the depth of Thyterion corruption she discovers alone.

First Wave colonists achieved harmony with New Earthk and the native Chromata. Third Wave wants eradication. They’ll stop at nothing to get their way.

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