Centauri Pax by Skyler Grant

Centauri Pax

Centauri Pax (Centauri Bliss Book 6) by Skyler Grant
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB |1.1 Mb

Centauri Pax : The Imperium is pursuing terrifying experiments even as the Clans close in on Imperius.
The crew and family aboard the Centauri Bliss has grown and is made up of those on both sides of the conflict, and have developed worlds of their own in need of protecting. With plans to finally withdraw themselves from the conflict, they have one last chance to try to set things right.

“After a series of betrayals, the Kathryn and its crew of people who are all running from something decided to form a family of their own, a Centauri, and to rename the ship the Centauri Bliss.

While foiling the schemes of the wicked Lord Barr they met up with Mara, a genetically-enhanced spy of unknown allegiances. In time she too would be joining the Centauri.

Having made many enemies in the Core, the crew of the Centauri Bliss headed for the Rim. Seeking a new life and a new beginning.

They found work almost impossible to find, almost all crime on the Rim being handled by the guilds or through the crime families of Arkstone.

When a client ambushed the crew to try to avoid payment, the crew turned the tables on them. This brought them to the attention of a crime family that needed a job done well outside civilized space.

Quinn and his companions found a system that was a graveyard. A planet, ships, and a space station all filled with long-dead corpses. The result of a purge by the Emperor, and an effort to destroy two of the “Unshackled” who had been in the system, the Unshackled being powerful magic-users with the ability to contaminate others. The system was also home to the Divide, a magical barrier the Emperor had constructed that cleaved the old Empire in two.”



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