Challenges of a Scribe by Michael Deyhim

Challenges of a Scribe

Challenges of a Scribe (A LitRPG Duology Book 2) by Michael Deyhim
English | 2021 |Fantasy| ePUB | 5 MB

The destruction of Edward’s hometown forces him and his family to flee and confront the difficulty of rebuilding their lives. On their travels, Edward works to overcome the challenge of reintegrating with his siblings and parents. They try to work together in search of a brighter future, all feel the strain of losing their home and livelihood. Edward is not the same boy as when he left home and must balance his hard-fought independence with his role as brother and son.
Despite optimism for the future and escaping the destruction of Azalon, a dark threat looms over the family’s hope of rebuilding. Edward’s skills continue to progress, but will it be enough to protect the family’s fragile beginnings? Overcoming his own fears and personal demons is the biggest challenge Edward must face as he chooses a future with his family, or one of an adventurer.

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