Chaos Witch by Jayne Hawke

Chaos Witch

Chaos Witch by Jayne Hawke (Wolf Ridge Chaos Witch 1)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 283 Kb

Chaos Witch : A witch without her magic is a very dangerous thing.
In a world where witch magic comes from the gods, having two gods fighting over your soul should be an honor. The problem is, I can’t choose.
The gods hate that.
So, I’m a witch without magic until I decide which god to entrust my life to.
Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more complicated, my future husband rocks up to my door with a mercenary gig I can’t turn down. Solitary witches like me have been disappearing. Only now they’re returning, this time with dark and dangerous magic.
I’d always sworn I’d find a way out of my arranged marriage, but now I’ve met Gideon Shepherd with his sexy Scottish accent and stunning emerald eyes, I’m rethinking that plan.
Together we must find out who’s taking the solitary witches and stop them before hundreds of innocent lives are lost.

“I can help,” Set’s deep silky voice said somewhere in my mind.

It wouldn’t be the first time he had loaned me his magic. His magic had been intoxicating and full of promises. The Morrigan’s magic was roughshod and practical – Set’s was so much more.

A tentacle hit me straight across the face, slamming my head back into the brick wall. My ears rang. The familiar taste of blood bloomed on my tongue, and warm sticky blood trickled from my nose. I couldn’t afford a healer right now. She’d better not have given me brain damage. Another cold heavy tentacle wrapped around my ankle and tugged. My reflexes were slowing.

The electric tang of Set’s magic coated my tongue, teasing me. All I had to do was say please.

I leaned down, trying to ignore the spinning, and slashed at the tentacle around my ankle. The woman-thing edged forward, her teeth snapping on the air between hisses. I got the distinct impression she planned on eating me, and I was nobody’s meal.

My knife dug into the thick leathery hide of the tentacle. It had felt cool and slippery before. The magic was evolving. I swore loudly.

“Please,” I hissed.

A soft chuckle filled my mind right before Set’s magic flooded my system. “

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