Charmed to Death by Constance Barker

Charmed to Death

Charmed to Death by Constance Barker (A Farmer’s Market Witch Mystery #1)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 2.8 MB

A Mystical Farmer’s Market, a Charming Witch and a Beagle Familiar. Elle Owens has a booth in the town’s Farmer’s Market where she sells charms, some mundane and others magical, especially if she thinks the buyer needs a lift in their day. Her Beagle familiar Gus teleports and talks, that is, only to those in the supernatural persuasion. Her best buds Percy, the local news reporter and gossip can hear whispers from yards away, and Millie, the local alpaca owner, makes all sorts of clothing from her enchanted animal’s wool. Of course the garments give the buyer the warmth, peace and comfort they need. While things have been pleasant since the seasonal opening of the Farmer’s Market, a scream breaks through the crowd. A murder of one of their own vendors has occurred. Elle and Gus take matters into their own hands and paws, much to the annoyance of the hot detective Jason, panther-shifter. Also on hand are some of the regular Farmer’s market vendors with their bevy of delightful goods.

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