Chase After Me by Cynthia Eden

Chase After Me

Chase After Me (Wilde Ways #9) by Cynthia Eden
English | 2020 | Romance | ePUB | 2.7 Mb

Cynthia Eden is a New York Times, USA Today, Digital Book World, and IndieReader best-seller.

It’s an undercover mission. Get in. Get close to the woman. Get the intel. Get out. Should be easy enough. Right?
Wrong. Chase Durant’s newest assignment goes wrong from the moment he meets Vivian Wayne. She’s not cold and calculating. The scientist is charming, funny, and absolutely freaking gorgeous. He’s supposed to be seducing secrets out of her. She’s supposed to be a selling classified intel. She’s supposed to be bad.

She’s the best thing he’s ever seen. Doesn’t take long for the Wilde agent to realize that Vivian has been set-up, and the folks setting her up thought they could use Wilde to do their dirty work. Thought they could use Chase in order to make Vivian vulnerable so that she’d be the perfect target.

Wrong. Instead of using her, Chase is determined to protect Vivian. The only problem? He’s been lying to her from day one, and things have…heated up between them. More like gone molten. Because Chase wants her more than he’s ever wanted anyone, and he’s not about to step back and let another agent take over her case. Vivian needs protecting, and he’s just the man for the job. Correction—he’s just the man for Vivian. He just has to prove that he can be the right one for her.

Wrong. But when Vivian finds out that he’s been lying, how can she trust him? Time is running out, and Vivian’s heart is in tatters. She fell for the wrong man, and now she might pay for that mistake with her life. Chase seemed perfect. He flew past her defenses, and she thought he seemed might be just—

Right. Chase won’t back down. He won’t give up. He’ll prove to Vivian that she can count on him. Prove to her that he will always put her first. Prove to her that he can be the right man for her. He simply has to destroy her all of enemies and convince Vivian to fall for him once more. Only this time, she’ll be falling for the real man. Not the lie. All in a day’s work for a Wilde agent…right?

“Are you some secret criminal?” Chase asked her, and his voice had roughened. “Do you have deep, dark secrets I need to know about?”

Her hand rose. Her fingers smoothed over her left eyebrow. “There was this study conducted a while back. It said the average person was usually keeping about 13 secrets, and of those thirteen, there are about five that those people will take to the grave.”

“Thirteen, huh? Seems like an unlucky number.”

His words sparked her interest. “Do you have triskaidekaphobia?”

His eyelids flickered. “Fear of the number 13? No, I’m good. Actually, I don’t fear very much. That’s something you should know about me.”

Her heart drummed in her chest. She was spouting off her weird facts, and he wasn’t looking at her like she was crazy. Instead, he was still gazing at her with a hot, hungry lust in his eyes. A lust that had made his golden eyes burn even brighter.

“Something else you should know…” He leaned close to her. “I’m not bad. I’m not the villain in this story. Believe it or not, I’m supposed to be the good guy.”

She could believe it. Or maybe she just needed to believe it. “I’m glad.” She wanted to kiss him again. Because she wanted it so badly, Vivian retreated a few steps. There had been more than enough experimentation for one night. “I hope you get settled all right.” She turned toward her place.

“Are we still on for dinner tomorrow?”

“Yes.” She looked over her shoulder at him. That stare of his… Need surged through her. “Come over around six?”

“I’ll be there.”

She hurried back to her home. Put her key in the new lock. Rushed inside. When she shut the door—and locked it—Vivian put her back against the wood. Her breath came in fast rushes. Her heart kept racing.

I’m supposed to be the good guy.

Chase was good, but he was sure making her want to do all kinds of bad things with him.

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