Cheer for Me by Julie L. Spencer

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Cheer for Me by Julie L. Spencer (All’s Fair in Love and Sports #6)
English | 2020| Children/Young Adult| ePUB | 1.3 MB

Doug refuses to join the cheer team, no matter how badly they need him or how talented he is. As the best wide receiver on the Buccaneers’ football team, his Friday nights are full.

But when his next-door neighbor and best friend, Emma, asks him to help her teach the new kid, Preston, how to perform stunts, Doug can’t refuse. Especially now that he realizes he has feelings for Emma.

Emma has been practicing cheer stunts with Doug since they were kids. When she sees that Preston needs a guy to demonstrate the correct way to lift a cheerleader, she pulls Doug off the football field and onto the sidelines.

His growing attraction to Emma, and his obvious talent as a cheerleader, forces him to choose sides. Does he abandon the football team to join with the cheerleaders? Or stay and give them something to cheer for?

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