Chicky-Chicky Fry-Fry by Johny Bomer

Chicky Chicky Fry Fry

Chicky-Chicky Fry-Fry: Parks and Recreation Recipe Book by Johny Bomer
English |2021 |Food & Drink| ePUB | 15 MB

Parks and Recreation is a show that one cannot miss! If you haven’t watched it already, then you must do so right away!
It follows the story of Leslie Knope, the deputy director of Parks and Recreation, who is keen to turn a pit into a park. She faces resistance from Ron Swanson, the director of Parks. There are also many other characters like Tom Haverford and Ann Perkins, each with their unique personalities.

One aspect of the show that catches everybody’s attention is Ron and Tom’s food habits.

Ron is a super funny guy who hates vegetarian food. He insists on having meat for all his meals and creates a scene if he sees vegetarian food. Tom has innovative names for food like Sammies for sandwiches and bean blankets for tortillas.

If your mouth is watering after reading all this, then you have come to the right place! This book leaves you with 30 recipes that are a part of Parks and Recreation. You can entertain family and friends by making these dishes and reading the funny incidents associated with each recipe.

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