Children of Blood by Nicholas Woode-Smith

 Children of Blood

Children of Blood (Kat Drummond, #13) by Nicholas Woode-Smith
English | 2021|Fantasy| ePUB | 7 MB

Nicholas currently resides in Cape Town, South Africa, where he spends his days geeking out over anime, historical grand strategy games, D&D, Warhammer 40k and Magic: The Gathering.

The Blood Remembers…
The Children of Blood, vampires more powerful than any I’ve faced before, have come for me and my friends.
We haven’t even been given a break since the last war! Barely a week has gone by since we defeated the last big baddie, and now the King of Blood and his crazy brothers want revenge for us killing the beasts he sent at us in the first place.
Well, what else is new? This is Hope City. Home of magic, monsters and the apocalypse.
They say that the Blood never forgets. But neither do I.
My name is Kat Drummond, the Last Light of Hope City, and I will protect my home.

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