Chinese Betrayal by James Crawford

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Chinese Betrayal by James Crawford (Jake Reid #2)
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 1.3 MB

A Chinese American company has developed an innovative sim card for phones that is cheaper than all the competition, available anywhere, and loaded with potential. Unfortunately, hidden within the sim card are programs that violate your privacy, steal your personal information, and spy on your activities, all without your knowledge or agreement.

The program designer, an American professor of mobile communications, has only recently discovered that he has been duped and his work, intended as options for users, is actually designed to undermine American business, industry, and personal lives in n attempt by the Chinese government to damage the US.

Dr. Bellman, realizing his work may now constitute an act of treason, walks into the offices of Jake Reid and Associates to confess and seek sanctuary from the Chinese. Can Jake, KJ, and Cara help Bellman, or are they placing their own safety at risk?

What begins as a question and answer session with Dr. Bellman soon turns into a fight for their lives as six heavily armed Chinese military soldiers attack the offices, forcing Jake and team to defend their lives.

As the team works to defend Dr. Bellman and reveal to US sources the threat posed by the Chinese they find powerful forces at work to prevent the truth from ever coming out. Jake’s team finds itself on the run to stay alive and somehow stop the Chinese Betrayal.

Before long Jake’s team is the focus of attention from multiple groups with differing agenda’s, all seeking to locate and uncover the secrets Dr. Bellman holds. No one is safe as long as Dr. Bellman is free.

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